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Our Mission

Our Mission and Core Values

Livingston Machinery Mission

Livingston Machinery is a family of success driven ag professionals,
seeded in service and cultivated in relationships,
helping innovative farmers feed the world by delivering a first-class experience.

Proud to impact the agricultural industry on a global scale while caring
for our families in our own communities.

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We know that everything revolves around the service we give our customer

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We take ownership in what we do and the decisions we make

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We believe helping farmers is our calling

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We want our customer’s experience with us to be excellent

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We deal honestly with our customers and co-workers

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We value integrity over style

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We are passionate about what we do

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We feel family is more than just your relatives

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We take responsibility for our actions and the quality of our products

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We know that performance is important to our customers and therefore important to us

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We believe that teamwork makes us better than the sum of our parts

Share our Values and Ethics?

Livingston Machinery is always looking for individuals who share our core values and want to make an impact in their workplace. Learn more about our Employment Opportunities and apply today though our Careers Page.

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